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Welcome to trade-invest.org, a platform designed to enhance the understanding of international trade and investment issues, to facilitate exchanges of views between researchers and practitioners, and to support economic policy debates and private sector decisions.

This website has been conceived and is managed by three consulting / research firms, two of them based in France (TAC and DMI) and one based in India (AceGlobal). All are significantly involved in international development processes, issues and policies:

  • TAC is a small applied economic and financial research group, engaged in both academic research, public policy analysis and studies for private decision-making, all dealing with international economic developments, and many (but not all) implying a quantitative / modelling exercise.
  • DMI is a consulting / research-engineering company based in Lyon (France) and heavily involved in multilateral institutions’ projects and programmes dealing with trade and foreign investment issues, including, but not limited to, WTO compliance, policy adjustment, regional trade and integration.
  • AceGlobal is a leading independent consulting firm in India (based in New Delhi), working intensively on foreign trade, foreign investment, infrastructure and development issues, in India but also in many other developing countries, from the Far East to Eastern and Southern Africa. AceGlobal has the ability to pursue both policy / public sector research and studies, and strategic assessment (including detailed operational issues) for international companies willing to invest in emerging markets.

These three companies work very often together – occasionally with others – and have joined forces in the area of international trade and investment analysis. In particular, they have been associated with many projects funded by the European Commission on trade and FDI issues involving a ‘dialogue’ between policy makers and the private sector, be it in Europe or in developing countries.

In many instances, they have used the Internet as a practical and cost-effective way of enhancing such a dialogue, and this was the initial seed for creating a generic web platform for such exchanges.

As of today, two specific geographic areas have been covered by such studies and do warrant a dialogue platform, India and the ASEAN.

August 2004 - News on India
On the one hand, a leading independent consulting firm in India, AceGlobal, wrote a paper on the budget 2004-05 and the major measures to be taken : click here to download ; on the other hand, TAC made comments on the recent elections : Read more on TAC’s web-site…
Read more on TAC's web-site...

We encourage you to browse through this platform, as many public reports, analyses and elements of public-private dialogue can be found here.

We welcome your comments and suggestions at info@trade-invest.org .